How to Quote an Article in an Essay

  • May 5, 2022

    You must be aware of the correct format to quote an article. Here are some guidelines to follow. You should only quote an article if it contains crucial information. There are exceptions. These guidelines will allow you to use the quote in your essay properly.

    First, you need to capitalize the name of the author. You can also include a period at end of quote. Next, you must mention the date and page of the article in parentheses. It is not recommended to put quotation marks around quotes that exceed four lines. After the quote, you need to include the author’s name in brackets. In addition, you must mention the source properly by including the attribution.

    Citing an essay in your essay should be done in your own words. Remember that instructors expect students to develop their own ideas and demonstrate their ability to think critically. Using quotes from experts is appropriate if they reinforce the arguments you make in your essay. Students who only include quotations in their writings don’t show the ability to think critically. They just copy and paste ideas. Be clear in your writing and include supporting quotations only when necessary.

    You should begin by introducing the quote in your own words. This will explain to the reader the reason for choosing the quote and how it is related to your argument. You can also use complete sentences to introduce the quote. For example, if the person who wrote the article of the article has written poetry, you should include the author’s name at the end of the poem. After the poem, you can conclude in a humorous manner by quoting his last lines.

    Sometimes, the speaker may make use of the term “tiger” in poems. If the writer of the article is unknown, you should use a shorter title. If the author’s name is not available, then you should use the shorter title of the work. This will allow the reader to easily identify the author. This will make for a more readable essay.

    You should know how to correctly reference sources. You should also ensure that the reader is able to discern the quotation without having to look at the source. To do this, you should employ the appropriate reporting verb. Different disciplines prefer different reporting verbs. If you’re not sure of the right one to use look up the dictionary and make sure to explain the significance of the quotation. Aim to get the maximum impact when quoting sources.

    A single-word quote is the most effective way to quote an article. This will make the biggest impression on the assessor. This will show that you are able to focus on one thing and then build the whole concept around it. Also, this type of quotation is the most commonly used in essays. For a more elaborated example, you could use a longer quote like an expression.


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