Coco Husk Chips Block Manufacturer In Pollachi | Coimbatore | Tamilnadu | India

Product Specification

In Tamil Nadu,India there were many suppliers and exporters for coco husk chips but, We are the best  Coco husk chips manufacturers and exporters in Pollachi, Coimbatore. Were manufacturing the following size of coco husk chips

Coco Husk Chips – High Ec / Low Ec

Size -30x 30×10-12

Volume -16 to 17 liters

Application Of The Products


Better Product for Mulching is coco husk chips. It was applied at the stage of growing season and it regularly re-applied if necessary. It serves at first the soil to warm by helping it to retain heat which is left in the night.

It encourages the faster growth and also allows early seeding and transplanting the certain crops. Mulch stabilize the soil temperature and moisture when the session a progress and it also prevents sunlight from germinating weed seeds.