What Are The Uses Of Coco peat?


1. Potting Soil for commercial farming, in glass houses and also in the hobby market.

2. Grow bags in glass houses, green houses for horticulture and floriculture.

3. Briquettes used for house gardens and terrace gardens.coco peat manufacture

4. In production of biogas and power.

5. Water resistant boards and particleboards of different densities.

6. As a lightweight aggregate to produce low density concrete for thermal insulation of roof slabs.

7. For production of light bricks and clays.Coco Peat

8. In the preparation of cashew nut shell liquid filled pith composite which can be used as joint filers between concrete slabs in roof, roads, railways, with a view to accommodate thermal movements. The durability and resiliency of retted pith makes it ideal for the above purpose.