Welcome To The World Of Coco Peat

Open top bagsWelcome to the world of coco peat, the natural, organic, recyclable, and sustainable growing media substrate. Coco peat is also known as Coco peat and Coir peat. Coco peat is derived from coconut husks and it has become an increasingly popular growing media component.

It is used as a complete, stand-alone substrate or as a component in growing media blends. Coir holds nutrients in a manner similar to sphagnum but seems to provide a greater reserve of nutrients in the substrate with less run off. Additionally, disease suppression has been demonstrated in Coir.

Coir peat/ coco peat does provide a suitable substrate for horticultural use as a soil less potting media. The material’s high lignin content is longer lasting, holds more water, and does not shrink off the sides of the pot when dry allowing for easier re-wetting.

This light media has advantages and disadvantages that can be corrected with the addition of the proper amendment such as coarse sand for weight in interior plants like Dracaenas. Nutritive amendments should also be considered.

Calcium and magnesium will be lacking in coir potting mixes, so a naturally good source of these nutrients is diplomatic lime which contains both. The addition of beneficial microbes to the coir media has been successful in tropical green house conditions and interior spaces as well. However, it is important to note that the microbes will engage in growth and reproduction under moist atmospheres producing fruiting bodies.